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Importing Services


Our importing services relying on our professional team consisted of people that are talented, highly qualified, efficient and with rich international trading experiences, our company implements an advanced ERP System, which enables the real time enquiry and business control of business procedures such as signing contracts, executing batches Licenses, external payment, customs clearance, transportation, and contractual payment. We offer a series of highly qualified service of import agency, customs clearance together with other services to various social partners and have won good reputation and public praise. We have imported large amount of advanced instruments, equipment and high-tech products for colleges and universities, national key laboratories, and research institutes.


Our long-term close cooperation with major instrument brands around the world: FEI, Agilent, Agilent, Waters, Bruker, Instron, JEOL LTD, Zeiss, etc.



Gas Chromatograph

400 Terahertz Fully Digital Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

Mass Spectrometer




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